Who Signed The Namirembe Agreement On Behalf Of The British

With the signing of the Buganda Agreement, a tax system based on the possession of firearms (firearms tax) as well as residential areas (hut tax) was introduced. From this tax system, money was earned for the execution of administrative activities. SIGNED on this eighteenth day of October 1955. For and on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, GOVERNOR II A.B. COHEN The tasks entrusted to the Kabaka Government are formally set out in a document that enters into force at the same time as the Agreement and contains the Uganda Agreement of 1900, which will be negotiated after the adoption of the recommendations of this Conference by Her Majesty`s Government and the Grand Lukiko. Initially, these are the functions currently performed by the Kabaka government, as well as those listed in paragraph 2 of the Memorandum on the Development and Reform of the Constitution in Buganda of March 1953. Local government in the Sazas is the responsibility of the Buganda government with the advice and support of the protectorate government; the situation in municipalities and shopping centres shall be examined in accordance with Article 47. In community development, the Buganda government and its officials cooperate with the Department of Development of the Protectorate Community. The list of functions can then be modified by agreement between the governments of the Protectorate and Buganda. If, in the event of disagreement between the two governments, the disagreements cannot be resolved through the mechanism of an advisory committee, the matter shall be referred to a joint meeting chaired by the Governor of the members of the Executive Council and the Ministers of Buganda. Such an assembly must not only take into account the general interests of the Protectorate, but also take full account of the views of Buganda and give them the weight that resonates with them.

Such a meeting may also be convened, if necessary, to settle disagreements arising from a response of the Governor to a resolution of the Grand Lukiko, if the matter cannot be resolved through the ordinary consultation process between the Minister of Buganda concerned and the resident. Provided that after the adoption of the new agreement, Mutesa is duly returned to Buganda[3] and that the main agreement was duly signed on 18 October. [1] [3] The signatures of the Kabaka, the Governor and other witnesses appear at the end of the treaty. [1] 5. On any occasion of appointing one or more representative members representing Buganda to the Legislative Council of the Protectorate, the Governor shall request in writing the Katikiro to provide him with names for this purpose, and the Katikiro shall provide him with the names of the persons elected on that behalf by the Electoral College in accordance with these provisions. .

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