According To A Credit Agreement With The Company`s Bank Kayak Promises

The company wants to end each month with an end in the stock of manufactured products equivalent to 30% of the expected turnover for next month. The stock of finished products on 1 April amounted to 174 units. Suppose the budgeted production in July is 610 units. In addition, each finished unit needs six pounds (lbs.) The raw materials and the company want to finish each month with a stock of raw materials corresponding to 30% of the production needs of the following month. The initial stock of raw materials for the month of April was 1,087 pounds. Suppose direct materials cost $4 per pound. According to a loan agreement with the company`s bank, Kayak promises to have a minimum balance of US$30,000 by the end of the month. In return, the Bank agreed that the company could borrow up to US$150,000 at a monthly rate of 1% paid on the last day of each month. Interest is calculated based on the initial loan balance for the month. The company repays the principle of the loan on the last day of each month with cash in excess of $30,000. The company has a cash inventory of $30,000 $US and a credit balance of $60,000 as of January 1.

The default setting for vendor rankings on our platform is “ recommended” (or similar wording); This is the default collation. Please note that the default ranking is created by a complex, constantly evolving and evolving system (algorithm) that takes into account a large number of criteria to best compare researchers and accommodations. The actual ranking will be different for each customer and for each search, as many criteria are included, for example the popularity of an accommodation with our visitors (for example.B. Customer reviews), customer service history (including the number and type of customer complaints), certain booking-related data (number of bookings, cancellations, conversion rates, overbookings, availability, etc.), the percentage of commissions paid by suppliers, other benefits for us (e.g.B through business agreements with strategic partners and a visitor`s (previous) browsing activities. Please note that, for simplicity, we also offer other ways to evaluate suppliers. For example, a customer may choose to rate a home first based on the lowest price, appraisal results, type of accommodation (etc.). This allows a client to have full control over the presentation of search results. These terms and conditions and the provision of our services are governed by and construed in accordance with Dutch law. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned jurisdiction clause, a consumer may also bring an action before the courts of the country where he resides for the enforcement of relevant mandatory provisions and proceedings against a consumer may only be brought in the courts of the country where he resides.

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