2. Without An Agreement There Can Be No Security Interest

For lenders, the granting of collateral interest is usually included in a collateral agreement or other document and is often done in the form of an explicit agreement – for example, the debtor grants and entrusts to the insured party a security interest for subsequent collateral. However, the granting of the guarantee can be done in several other ways, for example. B where the debtor voluntarily grants the insured party possession of the security or the insured party has “control” of the security rights, in so far as it is investment real estate, a current account or a right of accreditation. [4] In general, most lenders/lessors should always rely on a guarantee contract concluded. Behnfeldt is a debtor because she is interested in the car – she owns it. It is a debtor because it owes the payment to the creditor. As a rule, the debtor is the debtor.

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