Snap Fitness Membership Agreement

ACCESS CARD. I understand that only authorized members or guests can access the club and that I cannot share my access card with others. Access cards are not refundable or refundable. The access card has been issued so that I can access the Club safely, in accordance with the terms of my membership. If I lose the card or I am misplaced, I should contact the club to remove the card immediately. If I need a replacement card, I am charged the replacement card at the current price. Resigning from my membership is a nightmare! It`s always easy to be IN, but hard to get out. The manager asks a lot and a lot of emails to send! I asked to freeze, then he told me I didn`t need to freeze and offered a 1-1 session that I couldn`t attend. I sent him an e-mail asking him to cancel my subscription. The reply that he has suspended my membership and I have to send him another email in a month to ask for the resignation. I asked him to send me the financial contact to finish this AAP, and as if I were talking to myself.

Very frustrated and will not recommend someone to register. Description of potential benefits: I understand that a regular exercise program for the heart and lungs, muscles, and joints, has many associated benefits. This may include a decrease in body fat. Decreased blood lipids and blood pressure, improved psychological function, and decreased risk of heart disease. I`ve read the above things to understand. All the questions that I may have liked have been resolved to my satisfaction. I also understand that I should see a doctor before starting my training program. It is expressly agreed that all use of fitness facilities is made by me at my own risk and that the gym will not be responsible for the injuries or damage suffered by me. It is also agreed that I will reimburse the gym or the member concerned for any damage caused to fitness facilities, appliances or property or property of a member by me or my host. The gymnasium itself and the staff, nice, but expensive. However, the attempt to terminate membership is AWFUL.

I tried to cancel my membership in June, but I received a reply in July, which means I had to pay August. After leaving the area, it`s incredibly frustrating to know that I have to pay, even though I knew I wouldn`t use the gym, and if I had responded in June, it wouldn`t have happened. After I resigned, they always try to take money because “someone didn`t terminate my membership properly” it`s not acceptable at a time like this, when people lost their jobs! All I can warn is cancel the payments myself. I also discovered that I had to argue about visas about my bank because it was not a normal direct debit. This business is very revenue-driven and, in fact, doesn`t care about an ounce on customers. It`s disgusting. Contractual terms are available in packages of 3, 6 or 12 months. If you`re not sure you can hire Snap Fitness, it offers a 3-7 day test depending on location as well as a monthly membership to experience the club before you commit more. If they leave, members can freeze their membership for up to 3 months per year for a 14-day fee of $5.

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