Bb License Agreement

A “contributor” is a copyright holder who authorizes the use of the program or work on which the program is based under that license. The work thus conceded is called the contributor`s “contributor version” of the contributor. An interactive user interface displays “appropriate legal indications” to the extent that it contains a practical and significantly visible function, which (1) displays a corresponding mention on copyright and (2) tells the user that there is no guarantee for the work (except to the extent that guarantees are provided) that licensees can transmit the work under that license and how a copy of that license is displayed. If the interface contains a list of user commands or options, z.B a menu, an important item in the list meets this criterion. If you transmit a covered work, if you knowingly need a patent license and the corresponding source of the work is not available to anyone to copy it for free and under the terms of this license via a publicly accessible network server or through other easily accessible means, you must either (1) make the corresponding source available or (2) evade the benefit of the patent license for that particular work. or (3) in a manner consistent with the requirements of this licence, extending the patent license to downstream recipients. “Knowledge Trust” means that you do know that, for the patent license, your transfer of covered work to a country or the use of the work covered by your recipient in a country would violate one or more identifiable patents in that country, which you have reason to believe are valid. SupportBlueberry is not required to provide technical or other support for beta software. However, technical assistance (“Support Services” can only be available if it is indicated in the materials made available to you by Blueberry).

The use of these assistance services is governed by The Blueberry policies and programs described in online documentation or other documents provided by Blueberry. Any additional software code made available to you as part of the support services is considered part of the beta software and is subject to the terms of this Agreement. Blueberry may use the technical information you provide to Blueberry for Product Support, Development and other Commercial Purposes of Blueberry. Blueberry will not use this technical information in a form that identifies you personally. Support services may not be available in all countries outside the UK and will be resolved with the publication of a commercial version of the beta software. Licenses for most software and other practical work are designed to deprive you of the freedom to share and edit works. On the other hand, the GNU General Public License is designed to guarantee your freedom to share and modify all versions of a program, to ensure that there is still free software for all its users. We, the Free Software Foundation, use the GNU General Public License for most of our software; it also applies to all other works published by their authors. You can also apply it to your programs.

Everyone is allowed to copy and distribute literal copies of this license document, but the change is not allowed. However, if you terminate any infringement of this license, your license will be reinstated provisionally by a specific copyright holder (a) provisionally, unless the copyright holder terminates your license expressly and definitively and (b) permanently if the copyright holder does not reasonably notify you of the infringement before 60 days after the termination. If, in accordance with or as part of a single transaction or agreement, you pass on a covered work or disseminate it through the purchase of a covered work and grant some of the parties receiving the covered work a patent license authorizing them to use, transmit, modify or transmit a specific copy of the covered work, the patent license you have issued will automatically be extended to all recipients of the covered work and works that have left.

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