Service Level Agreement Satisfaction Survey

In fact, I can imagine a number of cases in my career where IT-SLA performance was “good” but customer perception and satisfaction were low or negative, often to the surprise of IT managers. When you receive a larger budget or throw money into problems, you are often able to fix things, but there are also other ways to speed up response times, strengthen communication between the support service and customers, and improve customer service satisfaction through automation and other strategies. Finally, the question is how to find out if you are on the right track when ALS gives you little confidence? One proposal to find out if the IT service levels provided meet the customer`s expectations is to conduct a customer satisfaction survey. In doing so, you consider the real perception of the customer. If you see a discrepancy between customer perception and service level reports, this may reveal service culture issues that need to be corrected. Customer satisfaction surveys should be conducted on a regular basis (for example. B once a year) and an important point is that they should be seen as a tool to improve the quality of IT services. For this reason, the customer satisfaction survey should contain not only evaluation scales for different aspects of IT, but also a free text form in which customers can indicate what they don`t like, why and what they offer. Ensure that this data is analyzed and grouped into a service improvement plan, resulting in concrete steps to improve IT services. This shows your customer that you have a true “service culture.” Definition: I will carefully define customers – all IT service users within an organization, rather executives and budget holders.

If you are familiar with the principles of the De Deming cycle, you will see how the adjustment loop itself is well adapted: planning (setting the ALS), do (making it available to the IT department), control (fairs, what has been measured in terms of objectives) and law (take corrective action when there is a deficiency). If you have ever worked as an IT services manager, you know the importance of managing service levels and the benefits it presents: for all service-related issues, a consistent interface is provided for all service-related issues and discussions about quality of service are brought by a subjective level to an objective level (based on the facts). Finally, it`s a good platform to meet regularly with your customers and strengthen your relationship. The server also states that you, the customer, can only request a change to the menu in the way displayed so that the service operates in accordance with ALS, unless you have made the requirement at the time of booking. Implementing SLAs for your customer support is incredibly important and supports the success of your customers and your customer service organization. Have you had a success or error in ALS? Have you had any other criteria for success with respect to ALS? We would love to hear from you.

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