Locum Tenens Agreements

A few years ago, while working in a remote part of Alaska, I learned how difficult it was to succeed in Locum tenens` life. I had accepted the mission in the hope of seeing some of Alaska`s beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Instead, I saw the clinic. A few days after my stay, the villagers told me that I could not drive more than 10 minutes from the hospital in case of an emergency. If I was too wrong, the village police should arrest me immediately and take me back to the hospital. It seems that it was the result of a strange agreement between the practice and the mediation society of Locumens that brought me there without disclosing this very important detail. I was practically a prisoner — and a tired prisoner. I have never had more than two hours of continuous sleep in a 24-hour period. It was difficult and busy to be a solo family doctor in this remote Alaskan village, but I had no clause in my contract and stayed there for the full term.

It was a mistake. As a locumens doctor, you often work with an external group of staff, such as Lucidity, and sign a locum tenens contract. Most of the time, a Locum Tenens agreement can be between 5 and 10 pages long and cover important details of the work. Before the contract is signed, there are several key areas in the treaty that should always be considered before signing. Be sure to browse the contract for important details and read everything as carefully as possible to avoid unnecessary liability and avoidable costs. Locum Tenens positions are usually paid by day (day or post) or hour, and the amounts are fed by market forces. Here are five important areas of locum tenens agreements that you must observe: If you work as a locumenens doctor, you are considered an independent contractor, because the position is not permanent. That`s why health organizations won`t keep taxes on your check. At the beginning of the year, you will receive 1099 forms from the professional staff agency that you received from the previous year and the amount indicated must be reported. In addition, you are also responsible for creating your own nest egg for retirement. There are many options such as Money Purchase Pension Plan, Simplified Employee Pension Plan, Solo 401 or SEP IRA.

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