Infrastructure Enterprise Agreement

Communication and the Arts Enterprise Agreement refers to the Fair Work Commission`s Enterprise Agreement of January 25, 2019, pursuant to Part 2-4 of the FW Act, called Department of the Communications and the Arts Enterprise Agreement 2018 – 2021. Infrastructure (PDF) Rail Operations (PDF) Rolling Stock (PDF) The terms and conditions of employment of non-SES workers are provided by the department`s enterprise contract. . 4.2. On March 28, 2020, any employee of the department who is employed in the infrastructure (including the one to which clause 12 of the infrastructure enterprise contract applies) will receive a 2% increase in his salary. . Infrastructure Employee: a non-SES employee who a purpose of Para graf 30 of the Infrastructure Enterprise Agreement, the salary scales specified in Table 1 of the Schedule have effect on employees in the Department who are Former Communications and Arts Employees until 30 April 2020. . The Public Service (Conditions of Employment) (General Report of Wage Increases during the COVID 19 pandemic) Determination 2020 forecasts a six-month delay in GSP wage increases between April 14, 2020 and April 13, 2021.

In this context, the salary increase due on 28 March 2021 for non-SES employees is postponed by 2% to 28 September 2021. 4.3. Compensation (excluding wages payable to employees applicable to clause 12 of the infrastructure contract) that are in effect under this clause is set out in the timetable. Our employees are highly skilled, passionate and dedicated, but to succeed as a one-team, One Metro, and in this environment of change, we need to create a more modern workstation with flexible staff that provides our employees with satisfying jobs and careers for the future. 7.2. The quotas shown in Table 3 to 5 of the calendar will be increased by 2% on 28 March 2020 and by 2% on 28 March 2021. 4.1. Any employee of the department who is a former employee of communications and the arts will receive, on 1 February 2020, a salary increase equivalent to the salary increase (if any) that the employee would have received under the communication and artistic enterprise agreement if this agreement had been applied to the employee on 1 February 2020.

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