Capsules make the world a better place

I’ve fallen in love! I never thought it would happen to me. I was just browsing, scrolling online as you do. It’s the way to do it these days; online – right? Totally not my type, in fact I even shied away from this particular type in the past. I mean I’m a short girl (ok girl is being kind to my 40 year old self), round hips with love handles left, right, front and back so would we go together? But I couldn’t help myself to stop and admire in wonder. The 24Sevres x Louis Vuitton capsule collection, available exclusively in the U.K. and France, is divine intervention for my usual straight laced type.
Before we get in to the specifics of my new love, let’s talk the collection. One dresses, one pair of sunglasses, one pair of trainers (sneakers), a pair of earrings and one bag.
For many who are not unlike me the thought of designer clothing isn’t an option due to their teeny tiny cut but it doesn’t stop me admiring from a far (or even up close when I feel touchy feeley!)
However accessories, now that I can indulge.
The trainers are interesting. There has been a resurgence in the chunky old style of trainer, that reminds me a bit of the Hi-Tec days. Here, however, Louis Vuitton have snazzed up the shape by lifting the front tongue so it hits above your ankle and back too. Quirky to a point but you definitely need some slender ankles to make these work. Cankles with these trainers are a no go! The colours are white with orangey yellow and light blue accents! I love love love the colours.
The LV Archlight Trainers are aptly named and at a hefty £740, I feel that whilst the exclusivity draws you in, these would see minimal wear after the summer season and they would be too distinctive to carry through to SS19.
The one pair of sunglasses are pilot style with gold studs all round the frameless lenses, give them a touch of fun and thus the name The Party Sunglasses are bang on the £420 price point.
Side bar, the prices are distinctly on the higher end so let’s just get that out there.
The one thing I adore about Louis Vuitton is the gold hardware. I am a gold sucker. If it has gold hardware, I’m 3/4 of a way to pulling out my card! The other Luxe Life boss lady is the opposite to me. She’s silver and platinum lady all the way, which is always a lot more exclusive at LV.  I digress. The earrings are gold (but if course)
Created specifically for this collection, the Bionic Earrings are the “affordable” piece at £255. In keeping with the non-matching theme that has been around for the last couple of years, one side of the semi-circle shaped earrings is plain and the other has little huggies around the bottom.
They definitely have an autumnal feel to them. Picture tall boots, snuggly big neck jumper dress and these earrings. It can work.
And as I leave the best to last, this is the one that turned my head and heart as I feel deep in love. The exclusive colour of the Cannes bag that has been released as part of this collection.  The  Louis Vuitton Epi Leather collection was introduced back in 1985 in response to demand for a more durable leather.  The Cannes bag also known as a vanity bag is the definition of glamour. With a very upright structure, you would think this bag would require a tailored outfit, but in fact I see this with both casual and tailored.  Over the last few years, obtaining this bag has been purely through pre-loved site, but recently Louis Vuitton had it on the website in reverse monogram or black Epi.
The collaboration between 24Sèvres and LV has seen a beautiful dove grey colour come to market and for me even with the silver hardware it is a beauty. Anyone that knows me, knows I love love love grey.  Needless to say, this bag was in my basket before anyone could say not another bag! Check this beauty out for yourself.
To see the collection in full and to share in the enjoyment, you can purchase here on the 24Sèvres website.